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Examples from Envelopes Made Easy

Within a few pages, it is impossible to show all the features that make Celeme so easy to use. The program abounds in features of which we are only able to show a few here.

Selections are easily made through the use of large clearly labelled buttons on the screen.

The Name and Address database is central to the system. Updating is simple and quick. Security is paramount and unless the Recorder password is known, then only the most basic functions can be carried out and at no time does the user see the envelope numbers and the users listed together. This screen is the non Recorder Name and Address update.

When printing labels, or reports, there are many selections which can be made. This shows the Recorder screen for selecting and printing Name and Address labels. Note the option to use a Line Printer with a tractor feed.

The system prints labels to stick onto envelopes rather than printing the envelopes themselves. Givers may nominate weekly, fortnightly or monthly giving and the labels are printed accordingly. The next two examples show portions of some weekly and monthly envelopes.

Entering the giving each week is quick and easy. All entry can be done using the numeric keypad. Date selection is made easy by using the special date picker. An example of the date picker and the data entry screen are shown below. Cash can be treated as any other giver and given its own number.

Whenever new labels are printed (I do this three monthly) I give out a list of all previous giving in the current tax year to each giver. This allows an errors of input to be corrected quickly. With the list, you may also insert a letter to all givers. This example shows the list of giving only.

A wide variety of reports are available in Envelopes Made Easy. All reports are displayed on the screen before they are printed. Some examples of reports are shown on the following screens.
At the end of the year, receipts may be printed out for tax purposes. These may be printed four to a page, or printed on single pages with the church letterhead.
An example of a receipt is shown below.

This is only a small selection of the facilities available. Order your copy now.

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