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Envelopes Made Easy

Download the CELEME User Manual.


Envelopes Made Easy is a Windows based system which gives you full control of all printing and accounting associated with offerings in Churches.

Envelopes Made Easy provides you with
- A name and address Database
- Name and address labels
- An accounting system for all your offerings.
- Numerous reports

- Handles all cash, automatic payments and envelope giving.
- Gives clear, simple to understand reports of
  • Daily offerings.
  • Offerings over 12 month periods
  • Offering trends of longer periods
  • Individual offerings.
- Prints end of year tax receipts.
- Allows insertion of your own letters and messages on individual reports and receipts.
- Allows quick insertion of automatic payments.
- Prints labels for envelope givers with weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc. dates as required.
- Prints name and address lists and labels as required.
- Gives password protection for sensitive personal data.
- Can be integrated and used with Membership Made Easy, or used on its own.
- Allows input from multiple sites.

All reports may be viewed on the screen before printing.

"This package grew out of my own involvement in managing a Church envelope scheme and my astonishment at the time it took, the cost and the wastage of envelopes." - Alec Utting

Envelopes Made Easy can be run on its own, but it is also fully integrated with Membership Made Easy


Click here to see sample screens and reports from Envelopes Made Easy.

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