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Alec Utting
216B Hukanui Road
Hamilton 3210
Ph: (07) 855 5170
Email: judyalec@gmail.com

Utting Family Stories

The Early Days
Early Birkenhead and Birkdale - Cliff Utting (Alec's uncle)
Birkdale Forever - Cliff Utting (Alec's uncle)
Eighty three years in NZ 1856 - 1946 - Frederic Clement Utting (Alec's grandfather)
Sarah Ann Shepherd (Longbottom) 1837-1919 - Alec Utting (Alec's greatgrandmother)
A History of Early Methodist Worship in Birkenhead - Alec Utting
Early Presbyterian Worship in Northcote and Birkenhead - Alec Utting
A History of Anglican Worship in Birkenhead - Alec Utting

Our Stories
A Journey - Judy Utting
Our First Cat - Judy Utting
Eketahuna - Alec Utting
Waitara - Alec Utting
Grampa's 90th Birthday - Alec Utting
The Polio Epidemic - Alec Utting
The Two Georges - Pahiatua New Settlers' Camp - Alec Utting
Milking - Alec Utting
Christmas 1953 - the Queen's visit - Alec Utting
My Bicycle and Me - Alec Utting
Easter 1968 - The Wahine Storm - Alec Utting
Developing the Poly Computer - Alec Utting

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