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Examples from Membership Made Easy

Within a few pages, it is impossible to show all the features that make Celeme so easy to use. The program abounds in features of which we are only able to show a few here.

The name and address file is central to the operation of the whole program. The example screen below shows the record for one person. Note the wealth of information which can be stored. At the bottom of the page are four note pads. The two orange note pads are password protected and can only be used by the pastoral caregiver.
Updating this screen is simple and quick.

There are seven different reports which may be printed from this information.
Each of these reports may select group of people to print, in any of seven different ways.
Having selected a group or groups, the names of those matching the criteria are listed.
The names to be selected for the report can then be selected from this list.
Having requested a report, it is then displayed on the screen before being printed.

The Household Report, shown below, lists each household, and the people in it.
This is a useful report which can be used as the Parish Directory.

Particular people can be nominated as visitors. Other people can then be attached to them. The Visitor Report lists each visitor, and the people they are to visit along with their addresses. This report can then be cut into strips for distribution, or each list may be placed on a separate page.

A scanned photograph can be added to each person's record. Selected groups may then be printed.
The quality of the photos displayed varies depending upon the quality of the original, and the density of the scan.

Labels are selected as for any other report.
Additional setup choices are given on the right hand side of the selection screen shown below.

Sample labels are shown below.

A special feature of Membership Made Easy, is the ability to send emails using the email addresses in the name and address file.
The email screen is shown below.

This is only a small selection of the facilities available. Order your copy now.

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