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Download Updates

Celeme v2.69 - 13/6/2018
You may download this update free of charge.

CLICK HERE to download Celeme.exe (1.88MB) to download.

CLICK HERE to Download the updated HELP files. (1.7MB) to download.


Before downloading this new version please make backup copies of Celeme.exe and Celeme.mdb.It has been tested thoroughly but users currently are running many different versions.

  • 1. Click on click here above.
  • 2. Select Open. This will open an Explorer window with the files to be downloaded displayed.
  • 3. Select all the files displayed and using the RIGHT mouse button, select COPY.
  • 4. Find the window where Celeme is stored. This is usually C:\Celeme for Windows 7 and Windows 10.
  • 5. When you have located the correct folder, click on an open space with RIGHT button and select PASTE
  • 6. Replace (overwrite) the existing files with the new copies.
  • 7. The new file(s) should then download and replace the old file(s).

  • Run the Celeme program and the new version should load.

    IMPORTANT: Instructions for setting up the new facilities in Versions 2.63 to 2.69.

    After downloading the new version, start Celeme. If the program "falls over" then run it again. If you still have problems, then replace your old copies of Celeme.exe and Celeme.mdb and email me at judyalec@gmail.com, attaching a copy of your original celeme.mdb to the email.

    For most of you, the program will run correctly.

    After starting, log on as Recorder and go to Administration/Set up Parish Information.
    Receipt signer has been changed to Signer, Position. Add the Position to this line.
    The following line has also been changed to IRD number. Enter the Church IRD number.

    Adding the signature.
    - Write the signature using a black pen and scan it to a .jpg file. Crop it so that it is about 6 times longer than it is high.
    - Call the file signature.jpg.
    - Copy the signature.jpg file into the Celeme folder, REPLACING any existing file of that name.

    Adding your Parish logo or picture.
    - Prepare your image in a .jpg file. Crop it so that it is roughly SQUARE. - Call the file logo.jpg.
    - Copy the logo.jpg file into the Celeme folder, REPLACING any existing file of that name.

    Copyright 2015 Cel Software. All Rights Reserved.