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Cel Software
216B Hukanui Road
Hamilton 3210
Ph: (07) 855 5170
Email: judyalec@gmail.com


Celeme consists of two integrated products.

Membership Made Easy
a system for managing Parish personal records.
Envelopes Made Easy
a system for managing Church offerings and giving.

These may be used separately or together.

Download V2.59 14/4/15 update today.
This version corrects a number of minor problems and also adds a few new features:
- Receipts can now be printed to handle amounts up to $999,999. - Previously amounts over $99,999 caused an error.
- When exiting the program, you may select where the backup is placed. Ideally it should be on some type of removable drive such as a flash drive.
- Up to 5 anniversaries may be entered.
- When entering offerings, you may select to have the value of the Commitment entered automatically.

If you are not using a church logo or picture, you can easily add this to Celeme. Select your picture or logo and save it as logo.jpg. As the image in Celeme is fitted into a SQUARE box, it is worthwhile cropping your picture into a square image. If it a very large image, it is worth compressing it. Both cropping and compressing can be easily done in any of a number of Office products such as Powerpoint. Save the image into the Celeme folder as logo.jpg.

Download the updated HELP manual.

Note our new address and Phone number at bottom left.

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